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The problem with a card-based UI

If you’ll read reviews of the the recent HP/Palm smartphones, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook or the HP TouchPad, it’s very likely that you will find praise for their “card-based” user interfaces, as one of the best features of those products. The card-based UI has been widely referred as one of the most convenient ways to use a touch-screen device and the best way to switch between multiple applications running on the device. With all of this I still think that a card-based UI has serious problems, that are rarely covered, if covered at all.
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Is RIM really done?

In a recent article at MobileCrunch John Biggs stated that RIM is done for and it will become a takeover target in a couple of years. Not denying the obvious problems that RIM faces and will face, I think that John exaggerates. Sure, the management call always fail and kill the company, but the company has the chances of surviving for a few obvious reasons.
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