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The problem with a card-based UI

If you’ll read reviews of the the recent HP/Palm smartphones, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook or the HP TouchPad, it’s very likely that you will find praise for their “card-based” user interfaces, as one of the best features of those products. The card-based UI has been widely referred as one of the most convenient ways to use a touch-screen device and the best way to switch between multiple applications running on the device. With all of this I still think that a card-based UI has serious problems, that are rarely covered, if covered at all.
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No market for small smartphones?

Every once in a while some tech blogger or journalist argues that their is no market for small smartphones, mostly when another small smartphone is about to hit the market (like the recent Veer 4G from HP), but is this the real case? Well, it certainly may look like this from the start since the majority of top-class smartphones on the market are rather big, but the truth is: a) that this is not really a valid point; b) it isn’t absolutely true.
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