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“iPad mini” in early 2012

Recently, some news sites ran a story about a possible new entry-level “iPad mini” tablet, that Apple allegedly plans to launch in early 2012 to counter the new low-priced Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. While most of the rumors concerning Apple turn out to be complete non-sense, this story indeed has some sense.

As with the iPhone (and previously the iPod), it’s not a question of “will Apple do it”, but rather when Apple will considers it necessary to expand the product line, creating a more affordable option. Another question is what will this more affordable option be. The problem with this story lies in semantics and timing:

  • - the whole “mini” part is too reminiscent of the device’s smaller size (which is indeed unlikely), even when the story has a remark, that the “mini” moniker not necessarily refers to a smaller screen size of the tablet, but it’s lower price;
  • - the “countering Amazon” part also sounds bullshit too far-fetched, because releasing the “iPad mini” in early 2012 would require Apple to start it’s development a good year or more early, when there was no sign of Kindle Fire or any other viable competition;

Still, even considering all this, Apple could release a new entry-level iPad device. But, as shown us by the iPhone 4S announcement, Apple most probably would just lower the price of iPad 2 and keep producing it side by side with a new iPad 3, if it’s possible to differentiate the two product enough (e.g. iPad 3 will have a quad-core Apple A6 SoC and the new 2048 x 1536 “Retina” display).

The problem with a card-based UI

If you’ll read reviews of the the recent HP/Palm smartphones, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook or the HP TouchPad, it’s very likely that you will find praise for their “card-based” user interfaces, as one of the best features of those products. The card-based UI has been widely referred as one of the most convenient ways to use a touch-screen device and the best way to switch between multiple applications running on the device. With all of this I still think that a card-based UI has serious problems, that are rarely covered, if covered at all.
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The sense of making an iPad Pro

I guess by now almost everybody heard the rumors about an iPad Pro (or iPad HD), which could be released by Apple this fall and among other things would feature a “high-resolution” (presumably 2048 x 1536 pixels) display. Recently there was another spike of articles concerning this device, like an article at Display Blog from Jin Kim. Quoting the mentioned article, John Gruber from Daring Fireball makes a very good remark, which has the part about the sense of making this iPad Pro from the perspective of Apple. John sums up that “So even if Apple could do a retina-display iPad this year, I’m not sure there’s any reason they should.”, but I disagree with this statement.
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Why some news are just flamebait

A few days ago, precisely after the Apple’s recent WWDC announcements, one particular “news story” quickly spread across numerous websites and blogs. This “story” can be used as a good example of how sad the current situation in the media (especially web media) is. I’m talking about the story of how Apple “riped off student’s rejected iPhone app”, which frankly isn’t a story at all. Why? It’s easy to explain.
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No market for small smartphones?

Every once in a while some tech blogger or journalist argues that their is no market for small smartphones, mostly when another small smartphone is about to hit the market (like the recent Veer 4G from HP), but is this the real case? Well, it certainly may look like this from the start since the majority of top-class smartphones on the market are rather big, but the truth is: a) that this is not really a valid point; b) it isn’t absolutely true.
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How Apple “lost” the platform war

I don’t know if many people have noticed, but when someone writes about Apple and it’s position or future in the mobile market, concerning the so-called “iOS vs Android” platform war, almost every time a very slippery analogy with the 90′s comes up, when Apple “lost the platform war” to Microsoft and many random PC manufacturers. Furthermore, that situation is being used as an example of “open” platforms beating “closed” ones. But, as it often happens, people don’t really know what they are talking about as this analogy is flawed to begin with.
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Sony’s new strategy for portable gaming?

As you may know, a press event titled “PlayStation Meeting 2011″ was held by Sony today in Tokyo. Recent speculations suggested that Sony would either announce a new generation of their portable gaming console called PSP2 or the long rumored (and even massively leaked) gaming smartphone “PlayStation Phone” (which almost certainly will be called Sony Ericsson Xperia Play) or even both. Sony really did announce the new PSP, codenamed the next generation portable (NGP), but it wasn’t not the most important announcement of the event. The single most important announcement of this press event was Sony’s new strategy for portable gaming, which i like to touch in this post.

PlayStation Certified devices - Sony's new strategy for portable gaming?

PlayStation Certified devices - Sony's new strategy for portable gaming?

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