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When people don’t know what they’re talking about

It’s not uncommon for the general public to have vague knowledge or experience in various technical matters, that lie outside of their core competence — almost nobody is surprised by this, nor considers it a problem. The biggest exception are tech nerds, which are notorious for their disregard of “normal” people. And while it’s funny when some people think that they are better than others only because of their above average, lets say, computer skills, it’s even funnier, when the same people don’t know shit about something else, but still confidently talk about it. A good example of this can be observed in a recent post on techPowerUp from qubit. And while techPowerUp usually is known for their high quality reviews of hardware and accessories for PC enthusiasts, the author of this particular post shows his “deep knowledge” from the get-go.
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Why some news are just flamebait

A few days ago, precisely after the Apple’s recent WWDC announcements, one particular “news story” quickly spread across numerous websites and blogs. This “story” can be used as a good example of how sad the current situation in the media (especially web media) is. I’m talking about the story of how Apple “riped off student’s rejected iPhone app”, which frankly isn’t a story at all. Why? It’s easy to explain.
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