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The sense of making an iPad Pro

I guess by now almost everybody heard the rumors about an iPad Pro (or iPad HD), which could be released by Apple this fall and among other things would feature a “high-resolution” (presumably 2048 x 1536 pixels) display. Recently there was another spike of articles concerning this device, like an article at Display Blog from Jin Kim. Quoting the mentioned article, John Gruber from Daring Fireball makes a very good remark, which has the part about the sense of making this iPad Pro from the perspective of Apple. John sums up that “So even if Apple could do a retina-display iPad this year, I’m not sure there’s any reason they should.”, but I disagree with this statement.
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Is RIM really done?

In a recent article at MobileCrunch John Biggs stated that RIM is done for and it will become a takeover target in a couple of years. Not denying the obvious problems that RIM faces and will face, I think that John exaggerates. Sure, the management call always fail and kill the company, but the company has the chances of surviving for a few obvious reasons.
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No market for small smartphones?

Every once in a while some tech blogger or journalist argues that their is no market for small smartphones, mostly when another small smartphone is about to hit the market (like the recent Veer 4G from HP), but is this the real case? Well, it certainly may look like this from the start since the majority of top-class smartphones on the market are rather big, but the truth is: a) that this is not really a valid point; b) it isn’t absolutely true.
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Nokia’s great hardware?

If you read comments on different gadget blogs or listen to their podcasts, like i do, then every once in a while you’ll probably come across someone, who says something like “Well, Nokia certainly has great hardware”, or “The problem with Nokia isn’t the hardware — it’s the software”, etc. And every time i read or hear this i ask myself, maybe they’re talking about some other Nokia, which i know nothing about? Because the Nokia that i do know certainly didn’t produce any great or even good hardware in the last five or more years. Read More »

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