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The next step in iPhone’s screen resolution

As Android smartphones continue to grow beyond any reasonable limits both in screen size and display resolution, pundits in tech blogs are becoming increasingly more vocal about Apple utilizing a bigger screen in the next generation of the iPhone. Although there are different opinions, concerning the screen size of the iPhone 5, the 4 inch screen is considered by many as the most “probable” candidate. Instead of size, I would like to touch the topic of screen resolution of that possible display.
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How Apple “lost” the platform war

I don’t know if many people have noticed, but when someone writes about Apple and it’s position or future in the mobile market, concerning the so-called “iOS vs Android” platform war, almost every time a very slippery analogy with the 90′s comes up, when Apple “lost the platform war” to Microsoft and many random PC manufacturers. Furthermore, that situation is being used as an example of “open” platforms beating “closed” ones. But, as it often happens, people don’t really know what they are talking about as this analogy is flawed to begin with.
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